Famous Italian fumetti Nazi girl Hessa deserves a special place……

Here's how her story starts:

, 1933. The life of the thirteen year old Hessa Von Thurm takes a turn for the worse, when her Colonel father tries to rape her. Hessa's mother tries to save her daughter by sending her to a faraway private girls' school, but it turns out to be a big mistake, because the staff there is more interested in sadism and lesbian orgies with their students than actual teaching. After a while Hessa gets fed up and sets the school on fire. Everybody burns to death except the headmistress, who gets to taste some spear.  Hessa takes her whip as a memento. 

Fast forward a few years, and Hessa is in command of the SS Sex Sonder Sturmtruppen. These female commandos also use sex as a weapon.  Soon she and her troops are sent to the
to teach some partisans a lesson.  Unfortunately Hessa is also forced to kill Walter van Dorn, a partisan she's fallen in love with.  In Hessa number two we find out that Walter van Dorn isn't really dead:  Hessa had only killed his twin brother.  Walter is in love with Hessa, too, so he can't bring himself to kill her.  Instead he puts her in prison.  Her guardian is Rouwerson, a blind giant of a man "who cannot be seduced by your beauty". Rouwerson falls and Hessa escapes.


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A lot of things happen after that, but now you know the basics.

If the "Nazi in Love" angle sounds lame, that's too bad, because despite her affection for Walter, Hessa is one of the nastiest Nazis in  comic book history.

”Hell hath no fury like a Nazi girl scorned!"